• The Washington Elementary School District (WESD) is seeking a Trustee for the WESD Trust Board (The Trust Board). The Trust Board has five (5) Trustees serving, without compensation, at the pleasure of the Governing Board and the Washington Elementary School District.

    Trustee Qualifications

    1. Required Qualifications
      1. Candidate must be a resident within WESD boundaries at time of appointment.
      2. Candidate is not employed by WESD.
    1. Preferred Qualifications
      1. Knowledge and/or experience in one or more of the following areas:
        1. Employee benefits;
        2. Worker’s compensation;
        3. Casualty insurance;
        4. Fiscal management.

    Trustee Responsibilities

    The Trust Board shall be responsible for the management of the trust funds including:

    1. Interpreting and applying all provisions of the insurance plans approved by the Governing Board;
    2. Formulating, issuing, and applying rules and regulations which are consistent with applicable law and terms and provision of the insurance plans approved by the Board;
    3. Making appropriate claim determinations and calculations, and directing the payment of benefits accordingly;
    4. Arranging for all fund-related reports which may be required either by law or for fund management and administration;
    5. Contracting for and paying premiums for any insurance which is purchased in furtherance of the insurance plans;
    6. Recommending plans, plan design changes and funding levels to the Governing Board that are designed to insure the cost-effectiveness and financial solvency of the District's self-insurance programs (employee benefits trust, worker’s compensation trust, and casualty trust);
    7. Developing and implementing preventative programs pertaining to the safety and health of students and employees, and administering said programs in conformity with approved plans and all applicable laws; and
    8. Insuring compliance with approved plans and all applicable laws pertaining to the safety and health of students and employees, and managing all litigation arising from claims brought against the District. 

    Appointment of Trustees

    No more than one Trustee may be a member of the Governing Board and no more than one Trustee may be an employee of the District. The remaining three Trustees must be at the time of their appointment, residents of the District but not employed thereby. The Trustees shall be appointed for three (3) year staggered terms as the Governing Board determines and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governing Board.

    Time Commitments

    Trustees on the Trust Board require a commitment that should not be underestimated. The following are time commitments for each Trustee:

    1. Serves as a Trustee for three years.
    2. Attends monthly Trust Board meetings that average 90 minutes at the WESD administrative center.
      1. Trust Board meetings are typically held the third Tuesday of each month.
      2. Trust Board meetings begin at 3:30 p.m.
    3. Attends emergency or special Trust Board meetings when necessary.
    4. Reviews Trust Board agendas, minutes and other materials.

    When an extenuating circumstance occurs, Trustees may participate telephonically for the Trust Board meeting.

    Application Process

    An application must be completed and submitted to the Trust Board Secretary, Mrs. Rhonda Braswell, on or before the end of business (4:30 p.m.) on Friday, October 27, 2017. The following is Mrs. Braswell’s contact information.

    Mrs. Rhonda Braswell
    4650 W. Sweetwater Avenue
    Glendale, AZ 85304
    Fax: 602-347-3568


    WESD representatives will interview selected candidates during the week of October 30.

    Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


    Justin Wing, Director
    Phone: 602-347-2668
    Fax: 602-347-2840