WESD Cares

  • Employee Recognition Events
    There are many opportunities for WESD staff to be recognized for their service to the District and for outstanding contributions to furthering the vision, mission and values of the District.

    Washington Apple Award

    An employee who wishes to thank another staff member for teamwork, positive attitude, etc. is encouraged to use the Washington Apple Award. Winners may be entered into a drawing for prizes or prime parking spots.

    LOL Employee of the Month Recognition

    Employees who have made superior contributions to a school or the District may be recognized as “Employee of the Month.” Nominations are made by colleagues, and recipients are awarded with a special brunch and plaque.
    Employee Years of Service 
    Employees who have dedicated themselves to the District mission for 10, 15 years and more are recognized for their service at annual events.  
    Governing Board Meeting Special Recognition
    Our governing board and community are kept up to date on positive news within the District. Employees who receive receive internal or external recognition, obtain grants or other notable accomplishments are publicly recognized at Board Meetings. 


    Retirement Receptions
    Retirement is always an occasion to celebrate, but especially after a career of service to WESD students. 
    Lamp of Learning 
    The Lamp of Learning Award is presented by the Washington Elementary School District (WESD) to staff, volunteers, community members and business partners who have made outstanding contributions to the students of the WESD. This prestigious award is the highest recognition given in the Washington District. Its objective is to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to improving the quality of education in the WESD and in the State while exemplifying the Vision, Mission and Values of the WESD. This recognition is granted only one time to an individual or community group. Lamp of Learning honorees are celebrated at an annual formal event. 
  • Employee Surveys 
    WESD is committed to continuous improvement, and we understand that great ideas can come from anyone. Employee surveys is one way we utilize to generate feedback from our more than 3,000 employees.  WESD Surveys
    New Hire Survey
    First impressions mean everything and we want to ensure that WESD is making a good impression. That's why we survey newly hired employees each year to gauge their experience in the interview and orientation process. The results of the survey will serve as a helpful tool in improving the new hire experience for future employees.  
    Working Conditions Survey
    The annual working conditions survey solicits feedback from all employees. The survey is designed to evaluate and improve the quality of the workplace. The District's Interest Based Negotiations team (IBN) values the importance of working conditions and uses input generated from the survey for its consideration during the year’s IBN process. The survey allows IBN to listen to each and every employee of the Washington Elementary School District (WESD) and, more importantly, act on that feedback.

    Additionally, each site and department are sent individual results, designed to assist with collaboration, communication, and create a workplace where employees feel valued.