Health and Social Services

  • Our health services and social services consist of teams of highly qualified professionals who work hard to maintain the well being of our students.
    School health professionals are the first ones to respond when a child becomes sick or injured at school. They patch up scraped knees, take temperatures and notify parents. School health professionals also keep track of children’s immunization and other health records.
    The Social Services Department works in collaboration with school staff to promote, build and maintain resources (social and emotional) needed to ensure student success.
    Most of these positions require at least a bachelor's degree in the specified field. Please review our job postings for a variety of opportunities.
  • WESD Social Worker - Phoenix School District employment

    As a school social worker, Amanda Quine does everything imaginable to assist children in order for them to be successful at school – counsel, provide clothing, school supplies and eyeglasses, whatever is needed. Families count on her help during difficult times. Colleagues say Amanda is the hardest working person they have ever met and describe her as passionate, giving and respectful.