Professional Growth

  • Professional Growth Salary Movements

    SEM 1 – Classes must be completed by August 30 and recorded in Human Resources on or before October 1.

    SEM 2 – Classes must be completed by January 15 and recorded in Human Resources on or before February 16.

     When a certified (teacher) employee is ready to request a salary movement, the first step is to complete the TeacherSalary Advancement Request Form. The certified employee brings the completed form, along with necessary documentation, to Professional Development for approval. Once the form is approved by Professional Development, the certified employee submits the form in to HR for processing.  If the request is approved, the Payroll Department will be authorized to process the salary increase. Following the authorization, the employee will receive a “Notice of Salary Increase” through District mail.  

    You can also visit the WESD Professional Development Department