Truancy Prevention Unit

  •  Truancy Prevention Unit Mission Statement

    To further the mission of the Washington Elementary School District, the Truancy Prevention Unit works to assist students who have been identified as having school attendance problems by working with their families to eliminate barriers that result in truancy issues, and to provide services that foster positive change and compliance with local truancy laws.

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    The Washington Elementary School District Truancy Prevention Program is designed to assist students and parents with any obstacles that may be preventing good attendance by conducting home visits with parents and/or visits with students and identifying problems that may exist. The Washington Elementary School District has partnered with the City of Phoenix Prosecutors Office, Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department and the Phoenix Police Department to reduce truancy rates in the City of Phoenix. By offering early intervention and providing resources to students and parents, we hope to reduce truancy rates prior to any involvement with the City of Phoenix Municipal Court or Maricopa County Juvenile Court.
    Phone: 602-347-2660
  • For questions regarding truancy or attendance, contact a member of the Truancy Prevention Unit at 602-347-2660.