Truancy Laws

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    State of Arizona Truancy Laws

    The Washington Elementary School District Truancy Prevention Unit follows guidelines that mirror statutes set forth in Arizona state law.

    A.R.S. 15-802 states, every child between the ages of six and sixteen years shall attend a school and shall be provided instruction in at least the subjects of reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies and science. The person who has custody of the child shall choose a public, private, charter or home school as defined in this section to provide instruction.

    A.R.S. 15-803 states, a child who is habitually truant or who has excessive absences may be adjudicated an incorrigible child as defined in section 8-201. Absences may be considered excessive when the number of absent days exceeds ten percent of the number of required attendance days prescribed in section 15-802, subsection B, paragraph 1.

    For questions regarding truancy or attendance, you may contact a member of the Truancy Prevention Unit at 602-347-2660.