• The Washington Elementary School District Business Advisory Team was formed in September 2011 to develop, enhance and maintain mutually supportive, strategic relationships between Washington Elementary School District and its surrounding business community.

    The Business Advisory Team meets quarterly to share ideas and opportunities that are of mutual benefit to the business community and students. Business Advisory Team (BAT) membership has grown to 1,000+ individuals representing more than 400 companies, community groups and faith-based organizations. These groups are committed to ensuring that, through quality education, today’s students are prepared to become tomorrow’s employees, consumers and civic leaders.
    We invite speakers to this meeting who can share the significance of quality education and how that impacts our community. We have been honored to have had such phenomenal speakers:
    • Susan Carlson (ABEC)
    • Gary Trujillo (Southwest Harvard Group)
    • Mayor Stanton
    • Kimber Lanning (Local First AZ) / Elva Coor (The O’Connor House)
    • Council members Gates/Valenzuela/Williams (they attend every meeting and are very supportive)
    • Lattie Coor
    • Teri Radosevich (Avnet) / Steven Zylstra (AZ Tech Council)
    • Paul Koehler (WestED)
    • Eric Crown (Insight)
    • Jason Schechterle (Beyond the Flames)
    • Todd Sanders (President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce)
    • Charles Keller (Colten Cowell Foundation) 
    • Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton
    • WESD Superintendent Dr. Paul Stanton 
    • Celebration of light rail completion  
    • Elliott Pollack (Elliott Pollack & Co.)
    • Chris Camacho (Greater Phoenix Economic Council)


BAT January 24, 2018 PowerPoint

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