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      The mission of the Social Services Department at WESD is to help   
      students, in partnership with families and communities, achieve
      optimal educational success. 
     The Social Services Department works in collaboration with school staff to promote, build and maintain resources (social & emotional) needed to ensure student success. Services are provided to students and families by site-based and district school social workers. The social services team currently consists of school social workers (serving 29 schools), parent liaisons and a social worker for newly arrived refugee students and parents.  Services are funded through Title I, and county, state and federal sources.  The type of services provided to students and families include: 

    ·       Social and emotional learning for life skills, behavior management, grief or other challenges.

    ·       Short term individual or group counseling when the need is indicated.

    ·       Parent education and information sessions.

    ·       When available, provision of basic needs such as clothing, school supplies, and food supplies.

    ·       Referrals to community resources and assistance in locating appropriate help.

    ·       School wide prevention services specific to each school’s identified goals; including bullying prevention, character education, and drug/ alcohol education.

    ·       Professional development and support for staff to assist in providing a safe and open learning environment for students to prosper.

    ·       Homeless student coordination and support through the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.


  • Dorothy Watkins
    Donna Denial 
    Lead Social Worker
     Quincy Brewer
    Administrative Specialist
    Social Services