Attendance Matters

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    The WESD is proud to continue a second year of its #AttendanceMattersWESD campaign! We initiated the campaign during the 2022-2023 school year that focused on emphasizing the importance of being in school each day and improving student attendance across the District. We are excited to share that the attendance rate for the 2022-2023 school year was 91.95%, which was an increase of 3.95% from the previous year. Additionally, the WESD reduced chronic absenteeism by more than 11%!

    This year, our goal is to increase daily attendance by 2% and decrease chronic absenteeism by 8%. Please help us achieve these new goals by ensuring your child attends school each day. Remember, every day a student is absent is a lost opportunity for learning. Too many absences can not only affect achievement for the absent student, but can also disrupt learning for the entire class.

    September is Attendance Awareness Month! The theme for the month and the school year is Showing Up Together. Be sure to follow the WESD on social media to keep up with all the great resources and tips we will be sharing.

    Let's show up together this school year and make attendance a priority!

    NOTE: Information and resources shared on this page are used with permission from Attendance Works.

What is Chronic Absenteeism?

  • Across the country, more than eight million students are missing so many days of school that they are academically at risk. Chronic absence — missing 10 percent or more of school days due to absence for any reason—excused, unexcused absences and suspensions, can translate into students having difficulty learning to read by the third-grade, achieving in middle school, and graduating from high school.

  • When Do Absences Become a Problem

Start the Day on Time!

  • There’s a lot of information for students to learn and instruction begins when the bell rings. It’s very important that students are in their seats at the scheduled start of the school day. There are three start times in WESD – 7:30 a.m., 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Families play a vital role in setting expectations for good attendance and tracking their child’s absences. If there are barriers to getting children to school on time, please work with your child’s school for possible solutions.

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