Facility Use

  • The Washington Elementary School District believes that the public schools are owned and operated by and for its patrons and that the schools become and integral part of the community in terms of its intellectual and social expression and development. To this end, the Governing Board encourages the public use of school facilities in accordance with applicable laws and District policies and regulations with first consideration given to the needs of the sites within the School District.

    Please complete the WESD Facility Use Request Form at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of any activity. Failure to do so may cause your request to be delayed or may prevent you from using a facility.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Support Programs Department at 602-347-2682 or 602-347-2626 or email Erika Williamson at Erika.Williamson@wesdschools.org


  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR Facility Use

    • See the Facility Use COVID-19 ADDENDUM with all special health and safety requirements listed.
    • Renters and participants must remain only in the approved rental space on campus.
    • Participant Maximum for the rented area is guided by the requirement to maintain a physical distance of 6 ft. between individuals not part of the same household. WESD will make occupancy information available as needed to help implement the 6 ft. distance requirement.
    • Per updated CDC guidelines, the use of Face Masks is encouraged for those that are at high risk or wish to wear one.

    Complete your WESD Facility Use Request and Email Erika.Williamson@wesdschools  the signed COVID-19 Addendum for your user group.


    Concussion Requirements 

    Each sports organization must provide guidelines, information and forms to inform and educate coaches, pupils, and parents of the dangers of concussions and head injuries and the risks of continued participation in athletic activity after a concussion.

    Before a student participates in an athletic activity, the student, the student's parents, and the coaches shall participate in a program to educate the participants of the danger of concussions, head injuries, and the risk of continued participation in an athletic activity after a concussion.

    All groups or organizations that request use of district-owned or operated property or facilities shall submit to the Facility Use Coordinator a written document describing the group's or organization's program and verifying that the program is and shall continue to be compliant with A.R.S. 15-341 15-802.01 and WESD Governing Board Policy. The submitted document must be signed by an official authorized by the group or organization, dated and submitted with the WESD Application and Agreement for Use of Facilities to the Facility Use Coordinator when the contract is turned in for approval.

    LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. 15-341 15-802.01

    For more information please visit: http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/index.html 

    WESD employees who would like to request a use of facilities, should sign in to the wesdschools.org Web site to access the link to SchoolDude. To request use of all other WESD school facilities, please click on the Facility Use Request Form located on the left.