• The staff page provides employees with easy access to valuable links and information.
    In order to access employee-only information on the WESD Web site, staff members should sign into this site, Centricity, to view pages not visible to the general public.
    • To access this information, login in by clicking the "gear" button in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Once logged in, you'll have more information at your fingertips, from anywhere! 
    • Username: Employee Number 
    • Password: User generated OR Washington6 

  • Webmail:
    Microsoft 365 allows all WESD employees to access their work e-mail account wherever Internet is available such as at home or on a mobile device.  All WESD employees must log in using their WESD e-mail address and password (similar when logging into a District computer). 
    Username:   WESD e-mail address
    Password:   User-generated (default password provided upon hire)

    Employee Self-Service Portal – School ERP Pro

    The Employee Self-Service System allows employees to access pay check stubs and W-2's, input emergency contact information, verify insurance benefits, and change home address and contact information. The Employee Self-Service System allows all eligible employees to enroll with health insurance benefits during the open enrollment period as well. All WESD employees must log in using their work email address and password.
    Username:  Work email address
    Password:   User-generated (same as desktop/webmail)
     The TalentEd System allows employees to access performance evaluations, applications and job postings, and related forms. 

    Username:   Your six-digit employee number (beginning with a 6)

                         Example: 699999

     Password:   User-generated

     To reset the password, click the "Forgot your password" link and it will e-mail to your work e-mail account the necessary steps to change your password.
    Interview Questions Database:
    The Interview Question Database System allows supervisors to access approved interview questions for various positions. 
    Username:   First letter of your first name and first six letters of your last name
                        Example: George Washington's username would be gwashin
    Password:   User-generated (same as desktop/webmail)
    Frontline: Absence Management:
    The Frontline: Absence Management System allows teachers and health service staff to report all absences.  The system allows substitute teachers and substitute health service staff to access available daily or long term absences and vacancies.  Also, the system allows school administrators and office managers the access to employee absences as well substitute information for those filling in for absences and vacancies.  For more information, please visit the Human Resources Department web site or by clicking
    ID:   Your 10-digit phone number login (no dashes or parenthesis)
    Pin:   The last five digits of your six-digit employee ID number
    Automated Phone System: 


    Grants Management:
    By clicking grant management, employees will be directed to the Grants Management web page.  Employees wishing to pursue grant(s) will need to complete a Grant Coordination Worksheet followed by the Intent of Writing A Grant Form. 
    Facility Use:
    By clicking facilities use, employees will be directed to the Facilities Use web page.  When directed to this web page, employees have access to the facility use handbook, fee schedule, and application. 
    SafeSchools System
    The SafeSchools System allows all employees to access required videos that must be viewed as directed.  All employees may access and view optional videos as well. To access SafeSchools, employees are only required to input their six-digit employee number.
    Username:   Six-digit employee number
                        Example: 699999
    Synergy System:
    The Synergy System allows applicable employees to access the WESD student information system.  Permissions, if any, is based on the employee's role and responsibilities.
    Username:   First letter of your first name and first six letters of your last name
                        Example: George Washington's username would be gwashin
    Password:   User-generated
    Printshop Pro Manager:
    This program allows designated staff members to order through Printing Services via the PrintShop Pro Manager system; click the appropriate button to the left.

                    This program allows designated staff members to review data related to student achievement, discipline and attendance.

                    Users should sign into the site using the “Sign In with Google” button