Music, Choir, Strings and Band

  • The Washington Elementary School District provides music instruction at all 32 schools. The adopted music curriculum includes general music, choir, strings and band instruction. General music instruction is offered in grades one through eight. Band and strings are offered in grades four through eight with some schools introducing strings in the third grade. Choir is offered at the junior high level.

    Each school site designs music instruction that fits the needs of their students. Some schools offer band and strings before or after school, while others offer these programs during the school day. General music instruction takes place during the school day.

    The Washington Elementary School District provides performance opportunities for exceptional music students through district-wide honor ensembles. These ensembles include Honor Band, Honor Orchestra and Honor Choir. Students must audition for membership in these groups. Information concerning the district-wide groups may be obtained through the local school music teacher.

    Parents that are interested in the music instruction at their home school should contact the school office for more details.