Translation Services

  • Translation Services is committed to serving the Washington Elementary School District’s non-English speaking population by providing both translation and interpretation services in their native language to facilitate communication between the school and the home, thus broadening this connection. 

    Translation Services offers the following services to assist you in your communication efforts with our non- English speaking students and their families. WESD serves families with over 50 different home languages. We offer document translation, interpretation services, Language Line and Real-time Headsets. We have a staff ready to serve you as well as guest translators housed both at schools and independently to help with your translation needs. 

    Ynes Garcia, Coordinator of Translation Services, Office: 602-896-6290

    Hilda Flores, Senior Translator, Office: 602-896-6293

    Gabriela Garcia, Senior Translator, Office: 602-896-6294 

    TBD, Translator, Office: 602-896-6292

  • Ynes Garcia
    Coordinator of Translation Services