Other Services

  • Language Line

    Language Line is an over-the-phone interpretation provider covering over 170 languages.

    When should I use Language Line?

    • When you need to communicate with parents in a language for which we do not have an interpreter available; or
    • You have an emergency and you cannot get an interpreter from the Administrative Center and you do not have an approved interpreter available at your school.

    Why would I use Language Line?

    •  Reliable and professional language help in  communicating with your limited or non-English speaking parent.
    • Consistent access within seconds to the highest quality interpreters.
    • Complete confidentiality.

    How to Use Language Line:

    •  Get the non-English speaker on the line and ask him or her to hold .
    • Dial 1-866-874-3972.
    • Enter Client ID = 544107.
    • Press 1 for Spanish or 2 for other languages.
    • Enter your Access Code (three-digit school number).
    • Brief the interpreter on what you are attempting to accomplish.
    • Add the non-English speaker to the line. 
  • Real-Time Headsets

    A Real-time Headset is conference interpretation equipment providing the ability to have simultaneous translation in group meetings.

    When should I use Real-time Headsets:

    • If you are having a meeting and the participants speak more than one language.
    • If you have between three and 100 meeting participants who require interpretation.

    How to request Real-time Headsets:

    • Complete a request form.
    • Equipment is available in sets of 25 or 50. Maximum request – 100.
    • Equipment subject to availability.