• The WESD values the years of dedicated service given by teachers and staff who chose to retire from the District. All eligible employees resigning/retiring from the District at the end of a school year must notify their supervisor and the Human Resources Department in writing on or before the first week of February (the exact deadline will be announce by the HR director at the start of the year) to receive the full sick-leave buyback benefit. More information regarding the sick-leave buyback benefit can be found here: sick-leave buyout plan.

    When am I eligible to retire?

    Normal retirement is the earliest you may retire with a full benefit as calculated by the ASRS benefit formula. Normal retirement occurs with any of the following:

    • You reach age 65.
    • You turn 62 and have 10 or more years of service.
    • You meet required amount of "points," which is a combination of years of service and age. The number of points required for normal retirement depends on when an employee became an ASRS member. For details, please visit

    However, at the ASRS, you also may be eligible to retire early. If you are at least 50 years of age with five or more years of service, you may retire before your normal retirement date. With early retirement, the ASRS allows members to receive retirement benefits at a reduced rate. 

    If you have further questions about your retirement, please visit the Arizona State Retirement System Web site at or contact them at 602-240-2000. 
    Phased Retirement 
    The District has previously contracted with a private third-party employer, Educational Services, Inc., to provide experienced staff to the District on an as-needed basis and to allow an employee to phase in their retirement.  Through this contract and subject to the other requirements of the program, District employees who are eligible for normal retirement from the Arizona State Retirement System can retire from the District and enter into an employment relationship with smartschoolsplus.  As Educational Services, Inc employees, former District employees can continue to serve the District and receive compensation while also receiving their retirement benefits from ASRS.  Educational Services, Inc is responsible for the salary, benefits and direct supervision of its employees through the phased retirement program. 
    The contract with Educational Services, Inc. is reviewed by the Governing Board on an annual basis. Upon renewal, employees will be notified and invited to attend informational meetings. 

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