• School Turnaround Initiative 
    Are you a transformative educator? 
    Allison Ettlinger, 2014 KSLX radio Teacher of the YearWESD is a District committed to innovation and continuous improvement. This year, we have embarked on an exciting new project that embodies this philosophy. In partnership with the University of Virginia. 

    Transformation schools are pursuing high expectations for all children, educators and community. The project focuses squarely on saving the lives of our students by improving student achievement through, including, but not limited to:

    1. Teacher collaboration;

    Jessica Austin, 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teacher Finalist
    2. Administering interim assessments and analyzing student data results regularly and often;

    3. Changing instruction, if the data results indicate students didn't learn;

    4. Planning and executing effective lessons. 
    So, are you a transformative educator? Then apply now or contact us for more information on joining the WESD team.
    For more information on joining the partnership, please contact:
    Justin Wing, HR Director 
    602-347-2801, justin.wing@wesdschools.org
    Janet Altersitz, Professional Development Administrator  
    602-347-2701, janet.altersitz@wesdschools.org 
    This three-year project is funded by WestEd and the ADE School Improvement Grant 
  • The University of Virginia 
    The University of Virginia (UVA) School Turnaround Program is the only program in the country dedicated to both establishing the school system conditions that set the stage for change and building transformative leadership capacity to achieve that change. The program is a partnership between the UVA Darden School of Business and the UVA Curry School of Education.
    WESD Administrators work closely with UVA leaders over the course of the three year program to plan and initiate change. Participants engage in deeply immersive experiences both at the University of Virginia and in their own school districts. Partnership with the UVA brings a level of professional development and support that will reach each participating campus leader and teacher, with multiple opportunities to attend training over a three year period.
    For more information, visit the UVA Turnaround Program website.  
  • Participating Schools 

    Five schools are participating in the turnaround initiative. All school administrators were interviewed extensively to ensure they are a good "fit" for the program and committed to the transformation process.
    Principal Rebeccah Potavin, 602-347-2300
    Principal Michael Waters, 602-347-4100
    Principal Steve Murosky, 602-347-2400
    Principal Shannon Bonnette, 602-347-3000
    Principal Tracy Maynard, 602-347-4200 
    Each year of the three-year turnaround program, staff members are asked to reaffirm their commitment to the turnaround process by signing the following statements, developed by individual participating schools. Click here to review these commitments.