Writing and Editing

  • In order to establish a cohesive language for all Washington Elementary School District (WESD) entities, an editorial style sheet has been compiled to serve as a guide for WESD schools and departments. Information that is distributed to parents, posted to Web sites, printed in school newsletters or distributed to the public should adhere to these guidelines.

    For WESD purposes, style is defined as rules regarding the mechanics of written communication such as capitalization, spelling and punctuation of words – not  as rules of literary composition or forms of expression such as manner and tone.

    Who we are.

    Washington Elementary School District or Washington Elementary School District #6 (first reference):

    Alternate terms:
    • Washington District
    • WESD
    • the District (capitalized)

    If the District will be mentioned more than once, use the full name (with abbreviation in parentheses) on first reference, then abbreviated name on future references: example: The Washington Elementary School District (WESD) is composed of 27 elementary and K-8 schools, and five WESD schools are junior high/middle schools.

    Washington Elementary School District should appear on all materials that will be used or distributed outside the classroom: newsletters, printed programs, posters, flyers, etc.


    Education-related/WESD-related terms.

    After-school Academy (specific to a school’s program)

    Arizona College and Career Ready Standards
    AzMERIT – Arizona's Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching
    Before- and After-school Academy
    Class subjects are lower case unless a proper noun (English, math, social studies)
    Locations within a building are lower case
                    examples: library, cafeteria, health office, gym, front office
    Common Core
    Department names are capitalized
                 examples: Business Services Department, Academic Services Department
    Early Release Wednesday
    Governing Board Room, Navajo Room, etc. (capitalize names of District meeting rooms)
    Grade designations – As, Bs, Cs (no apostrophe)
    Help Desk
    Move on When Reading
    Parent/Student Handbook
    Parent/Teacher Conference (or lower case)
    Professional Learning Community Wednesday/PLC Wednesday
    Thinking Maps