WESD Logo Use

  • Identity

    In this age of competition for the public’s loyalty, it’s important to maintain a strong identity for the Washington Elementary School District (WESD). Our identity is the visual association of:

    • the name
    • logo
    • typestyles
    • graphic accents and
    • colors

    that represent the WESD. Used consistently, our identity visually distinguishes WESD from other school districts so the public knows at a glance that WESD stands behind a particular school, program or activity.


    The complete name of our District is Washington Elementary School District No. 6 or Washington Elementary School District. The complete name should always be used on first reference in a document or electronically. Subsequent references may be:
    • Washington District
    • WESD, or
    • District (capitalized).

    (NOTE: Washington School District should NOT be used.)

    Washington Elementary School District should appear on all materials that will be used or distributed outside the classroom: newsletters, printed programs, posters, flyers, etc.


    The approved logo is the WESD stylized apple with the words “Washington Elementary School District” to the right or under it. The WESD logo must have an adequate area of isolation (blank space) surrounding it (a minimum of 1/4” for smaller logos, at least 1/2" of the width of the logo for larger applications). The Washington apple logo must not be embedded in or surrounded by another graphic image.


    The type face you use should be clear, easy to read, professional and dignified. You can’t go wrong with type faces such as Times New Roman, Souvenir, Century, Arial and Verdana. Avoid informal and hard-to-read type faces such as Hobo, Comic Sans, Old English and Jokerman in formal communication.

    Graphic accents

    Each school has a logo or mascot symbol that has been approved by administration and can be used on informal communication – school newsletter banners, spirit shirts, posters, etc. Variations to the school logo/mascot symbol must be approved by the school site council and the assistant superintendent for Administrative Services.


    The WESD logo should appear in red, blue, the approved combination of red and blue, or black only. The approved ink colors are 288 Blue and 200 Red (Pantone). The WESD logo is to be printed only in these colors or black.

    How they work together

    Correct identification of your school or department and the Washington Elementary School District should be included on all materials that will be disseminated beyond the classroom. Your readers need to be able to get in touch with you, so be certain to include contact information.

    Inserting the logo or a picture in a document:

    • place your cursor in the document where you want the illustration/picture
    • click the insert tab on the ribbon
    • click the picture button
    • browse to the picture you wish to insert
    • click the picture
    • click insert

    To resize a logo or picture:

    All graphics can be resized by clicking the image and clicking one corner of the image and dragging the cursor to the size you want the picture. Be sure to hold down the shift key at the same time you are dragging the cursor to resize the artwork! This will make the artwork resize proportionately!