Flyer Distribution

  • As a community service, the WESD Governing Board has authorized that verified nonprofit organizations may be permitted to send home flyers with each student provided that the information is to notify students and their parents of the opportunity to participate in a youth-related program, activity or event that aims to improve the health, education or welfare of students.

    The Communications and Public Engagement Department reviews flyer requests from outside organizations and approves for distribution those that meet the requirements set forth by the Governing Board. Once a flyer is approved for distribution, it is the responsibility of the requesting organization to make copies (in stacks of 30) and deliver those copies, along with an approval form, to schools.

    In order minimize the impact on school office staff, all requests for flyer distribution by outside organizations may be referred to Communications and Public Engagment. More information about flyer distribution may be found under the Community tab on the Web site. Contact 602-347-2694 if you have questions.