Registration Packet (K-8)

  • Registration Packets

  • The fillable forms work best downloaded and opened with a PDF Reader like Adobe Acrobat™.
    Los formularios rellenables funcionan mejor descargados y abiertos con un lector de PDF como Adobe Acrobat™. 
    Are you looking for an exception?
    Your child may be screened for Early Entrance to Kindergarten if you meet the qualifications. To find the requirements and qualifications, visit our Early Entrance to Kindergarten Readiness Screening page.
    Are you living with someone else and who can provide a proof of residence document? Please print the Affidavit of Shared Residence form.  This form must be notarized and submitted with a supporting proof document. Notary service for registration documents is provided free of charge at the Registration Center. A valid United States ID is required for Notary Service. 
    DO NOT SIGN the Affidavit of Shared Residence until you are in the presence of a Notary Public.

    Additional forms (Print and fill out manually)

       Affidavit of Shared Residence - English   Spanish

       Native American Tribal Affiliation
       More information about our Native American Program is available HERE.