• Dress Code

    Parents and students are encouraged to adopt a style of dress and grooming that is appropriate to the age and size of the child, without extremes that become disturbing influences in the classrooms. Therefore, District dress standards shall not interfere with individual choice regarding dress and grooming, except as follows:
    • Dress and grooming shall not present a risk to the health, safety or general welfare of students or others in the school.
    • Dress and grooming shall not interfere with or disrupt the educational environment or process: i.e., hair color of natural tones and hair spikes maximum length of two inches.
    • Dress and grooming shall not be contrary to curriculum goals and/or education objectives; e.g., advertising, promoting or picturing alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs or illegal, sexual, or violent language or symbols.
    • Clothing and jewelry shall not display lewd, vulgar, obscene, plainly offensive language or symbols.
    • Hats, caps and bandannas shall not be worn.
    • Clothing shall not expose the chest, abdomen, genital area, buttocks and shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times; i.e., colored bras and sports bras. Clothing such as see-through or fish-net fabrics, spaghetti straps, halter tops, low cut tops, bare midriff tops that show the belly button when arms are raised above the head or hip hugger pants that are too low and excessively short shorts or skirts are prohibited.
    • Clothing should fit properly, not being overly loose, baggy, saggy, or overly tight. Pants must fit on the waist so as to be able to remain on the waist without the aid of a belt. Pants should not drag and be frayed at the bottom. Leg size should not exceed the students shoe size.
    • Pajamas and slippers are not allowed, except on designated days during Spirit Week.
    • Piercing and tattooing of the body cannot interfere with the educational process of Washington Elementary School District. If so determined by administration the student will remove or cover the distraction.

    Mandatory Uniforms

    Currently, five schools require school uniforms: Cactus Wren Elementary School, Mountain View School, Palo Verde Middle School, Arizona Cardinals Preparatory Academy, and Washington Elementary School.

    For specific information about the uniforms at the schools listed above, please contact the school directly.