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  • Who May Refer a Child?

    Children may be referred to Search to Serve by any of the following:

    • Parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
    • Other family members
    • Physicians
    • School personnel
    • Child care providers
    • Community agencies
    • Infant and toddler programs

    When Should a Child be Referred?

    • When the child may not be meeting developmental milestones
    • When the child seems to have difficulties understanding simple directions
    • When the parent(s) or guardian(s) or others outside the family do not understand the child’s speech
    • When a physical or medical disorder is interfering with the child’s development
    • When the child appears to have social or emotional difficulties that affect their ability to learn
    • When the child seems to have problems seeing or hearing

    Concerns may not be limited to those listed above. Any condition which may impact a child’s ability to learn can be a basis for referral.

  • Submit a Referral:

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