Head Start Enrollment

  • To enroll in the WESD Head Start program, the following steps need to be followed:
    • A preregistration form  must be filled out to start the enrollment process.
    • A City of Phoenix caseworker will contact the family and make an appointment to do the qualifying process. 
    • The child's completed application will be sent to the Head Start Office.  An acceptance or wait list letter will be sent to the family. 
    • The Head Start Teacher will contact the family. 

Head Start PLUS Enrollment

  •  To enroll in the WESD Head Start PLUS program a Head Start PLUS Application must be filled out, the application can be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to our office, the following documents are required: 
    • Immunization Record
    • Proof of Residency in WESD (i.e. Utility Bill or Lease Agreement)
    • Proof of Date of birth (Birth Certificate or Passport)
    • Income verification ( i.e. 2 weeks current pay stubs or Income Tax Forms or W2)
    • Public Assistance Approval Letter (if applicable) 
     To determine eligibility for the Head Start PLUS program. 
    Head Start PLUS Spanish  Application available.  
     Program availability is based on continued funding through Preschool Development Grant.
     Completing this application does not guarantee enrollment in the Head Start Program.  
    Head Start PLUS Applications:    English        Spanish
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