• MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS' and GIRLS' Track and Field

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    Middle School Boys' and Girls' Track and Field includes multiple competitive events where student athletes refine their skills in practices and competition.  Team work, commitment, and dedication to improve throughout the season are nurtured by their coaches.  Many competitive High School Athletes have come out of WESD Track and Field programs.  

    Typical Start Date:

    Tryouts are typically in  April.  Meets begin in late April.  Each Middle School has a 7th Grade Boys' and Girls' Team and an 8th Grade Bouys' and Girls' Team. 

    Typical End Date:

    The Boys' and Girls' District Championship Meet takes place during the first or second week of May..  Unless a team signs up for an outside tournament, that is the end of their season.  


    Practices at the Schools.

    There are four running events, two relay events, and four field events.

    Running Events:

    100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter, and 1600 Meter (Mile)

    Relay Events:

    4 x 100 Meter Relay and 4X 400 Meter Relay

    Field Events:

    Discus, Shot Put, Long Jump and High Jump

    The five Middle Schools participate in hosting each other and playing away at their respective local high schools. In total, 5 meets, including the Championship Meet whre the K-8 schools may join in.  (Note: the 2023 season will only have 3 meets due to the number of High Schools upgrading their stadiums to turf)

    Who Participates:

    Track and Field is not a tryout sport,  All who wish to play need to show up to practices, work hard, and learn how to compete in their events.  Coaches may have athletes tryout for specific events, if the interest is more than can participate in a meet.  Tryouts are based on skills of the events.  Other factors taken into account during tryouts - grades, behavior, communication, sportsmanship, and good team work.   Typically, teams can have up to 30 athletes. 

    Each Middle School has a 7th Grade Girls' and Boys', and an 8th Grade Girls' and Boys' Teams.  Four teams.  

    Cholla, Desert Foothills, Mountain Sky, Palo Verde, and Royal Palm

    Prior training:

    Track and Field is highly competitive.  Having previous experience is helpful for being the representative for the school in certain events.  Anyone interested should practice the fundamental skills.  


    Season Results

    The 2023-24 Middle School Boys' and Girls' Track and Field Season came to a close on April 25 at Greenway High School.

    The 2023-24 Middle School Track and Field Season came to a close on April 25 at Greenway High School.

    The final results from the Middle School District Championships were:

    2023-24 WESD Track and Field Championship Results

    7th  Grade Girls Team Champions - Mountain Sky

    100 Vera K. MS 13.58

    200 Madisyn F. MS :28.70

    400 Esmeralda V. DF 01:15.3

    1600 Bristol P. MS 7:12.71

    4x100 Madisyn F., Aliyah O., A’layzia C., Vera K. MS 01:00,69

    4x400 Valentian B., Madisyn F., A’layzia C., Bristol P. MS 5:17.40

    High Jump Madisyn Fosu MS 4'3"

    Long Jump Ley K. PV 11'6"

    Shot Put Aurey O. MS 25'0"

    Discus Kendall C. DF 53'4 1/2"


    8th grade Girls Team Champions - Cholla

    100 Taraji M. PV 13.07

    200 Taraji M. PV :27.91

    400 Brissa L. R. CH 01:12,19

    1600 Brissa L. R. CH 7:04.63

    4x100 Zahara P., Daisy M., Delina A., Kizsie W.; CH :56.84

    4x400 Delina A., Zahara P., Arianna G., Brissa L. R. CH 5:07.19

    High Jump Makalya H. MS 4'4"

    Long Jump Brissa Lopez R. CH 13'9"

    Shot Put Abriella E. CH 25'5"

    Discus Bridget C. CH 51' 8 1/2" 


    7th grade Boys Team Champions - Cholla

    100 Nazaiah I. RP 11.93

    200 Elijah N. CH :25.84

    400 Elijah N. CH 01:00,15

    1600 Kaisin C. DF 6:12

    4x100 Avary M., Kaisin C., Hatcher W., Randy B. DF :53.83

    4x400 Davion W., Peter G. Noah G., Elijah N. CH 4:38.91

    High Jump Kaisin C. DF 4'8"

    Long Jump Davion W. CH 15'9"

    Shot Put Xavier G. CH 33'8"

    Discus Lesean B. Jr. MS 63'9 1/2"


    8th grade Boys Team Champions - Cholla

    100 Elijah D CH 12.03

    200 Elijah D. CH :23.08

    400 Nico R. DF 01:02,32

    1600 Nico R. DF 5:44

    4x100 Maxwell K., Jaiden F., Cooper W., Marius M. MS :51.27

    4x400 Eli D., Kalup M., Jace C., Aydriel B.; CH 4:25.95

    High Jump Preston S. CH 5'0"

    Long Jump Jace C. CH 17'2"

    Shot Put Cruz M. CH 31'3"

    Discus Jaiden F. MS 81'1 1/2"