Become a WESD Coach or Referee

  • A strong athletics program needs many people to serve as coaches, supporters and officials. If you want to join in the fun in one of these roles, here is how to do it.

    Be a coach

    Coaches - With thirty-two schools there is a chance we can use your knowledge somewhere. All schools need coaches at some point. There are several ways to see if your sport of choice has an opening. 

    Steps to applying for a coaching position

    • Go to the following  link to current postings HERE.
      • Under keyword seach type "Temporary". All coaching positions are temporary. Look for a position you are interested in. If you have questions, please contact the school listed.  
    • If you do not see an opening you are interested in - email Athletics coordinator perry.mason@wesdschools. Sometimes schools have not had a chance to post or make last minute changes. 
    • Be prepared to interview. You will be working around students on a school campus, so there are expectations for athletics programs. Principals, assistant principals, or athletic directors will want to hear a few things from you such as:
      • Experience coaching the grade level or sport
      • Coaching philosophy - player development, playing time, ethics of the game, concept of student/athlete
      • How do you structure practices?
      • How do you maintain safety during practices, travelling, waiting for pick up?
      • How do you involve and communicate with parents?
      • How do you plan to develop or grow a program?

    If you are already an employee of the WESD 

    Let your current supervisor know you are applying for a temporary coaching position. They will receive a reference check if it isBe a coach - Desert Foothills coaches

    at another school.  

    If you are not an employee within the WESD

    Look through the bullet points above. If you are hired to coach, the school will submit paperwork to the district. Human Resources

    will ask you for the following:

          • Updated Immunization record - MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubela)
          • Two forms of Identification

    There will be a background check and fingerprint roll taken - free of charge. 

    Note: If you already have a fingerprint clearance card, you can present that to Human Resources. They will still conduct the background check, but you will not need to receive a new fingerprint clearance card.  

    Once cleared, you may begin coaching at the direction of the school athletic director.  

    Referees The WESD uses the services of several companies to referee. If you are interested in becoming a referee, there are two ways. 

    1. Work 5-6 grade or intramurral games or middle school track and field 

    We have a need for referees at the 5-6 grade level for basketball and middle school track and field events. It is a great way to break into the world of being an official. 

        • Fill out the Volunteer Handbook HERE  
        • Fill out the Vendor Information HERE (In order to be paid, you will have to be a vendor or work with a vendor).  
        • Email your interest to   

    2. Become a referee through one of our vendors

    Currently, there is a shortage of referees and the companies we hire are always looking to train new officials.

        • Refereeing is a great opportunity to make money and support youth sports while doing something you love. It is a win-win!  If you like it enough, they will find games for you outside the district even.  
        • You can become an official through one of our vendors by emailing your interest to

    Volunteering - to coach or support   It is common for people to volunteer to coach or assist. We often need volunteers to help host large events like Cross Country Meets, Basketball Tournaments, Track Meets, etc.   

    • For students' safety, we still expect volunteers to go through the proper background checks listed above.   
    • If you are interested in volunteering to help coach, click HERE
    • Email the District Athletic Coordinator to identify if you are interested in helping with one of the above listed events.