K-6 Basketball Season

  • 2023-24 Charger Classic Championship Bracket - Division I Link

    2023-24 Charger Classic Championship Bracket - Division II Link

    Welcome to WESD K-6 Basketball! Please click here to view Parent Resources and Forms for K-6 basketball.  

    In order to provide more opportunities for students to engage in basketball as well as develop skills associated with basketball, the WESD has adopted a model that includes different phases of the season. 

    Intramural Season - The twenty K-6 schools in the K-6 League offer four weeks of open intramurals.  Any student interested will have access to coaching of fundamentals and competitive scrimmages.  All schools need volunteers to assist with the coaching and refereeing of their intramural seasons.  If you are interested please click the link HERE.

    Tournament Season - At the end of the Intramural season 15-20 players will be chosen to represent their school in at least six interscholastic games played in the following formats:

    Regional Tournament - 

    In order to limit the distance traveled by families, the WESD K-6 schools are split up into four regions.  For fun the regions are named after the Arizona Universities Mascots.     

    A regional tournament is played in the Middle School gym in that region and the games are officiated by a professional officiating vendor.

    • Sun Devil Region Host - Desert Foothills Junior High
    • Lumberjack Region Host - Mountain Sky Junior High 
    • Wildcat Region Host - Palo Verde Middle School
    • Antelope Region Host - Cholla Middle School

    Each team is guaranteed two games. The top two teams in each tournament are guaranteed a spot in Division I of the Charger Classic at the end of the season.  Third place teams will be able earn a possible wild card during the cross regional games.  

    Cross Regional Games -

    After the regional tournaments are completed, each school will play two games against a team in another region.  Who the teams play is based on the places of the regional tournaments.

    • First round of cross region games - Teams will play a team who placed the same in their respective regional tournaments. (1st vs. 1st, 2nd vs 2nd, 3rd v 3rd, 4th vs, 4th, and 5th v 5th).  
    • Second round of cross region games - To allow teams movement within the seeding, 3rd place teams will play 2nd place teams, and 4th place teams will be able to play 5th place teams.  1st place teams will play a different first place team.   

    These games are hosted at the schools and officiated by district staff.  

    Annual Charger Classic Championship Tournament 

    An annual tradition within the WESD is the Charger Classic hosted at Cholla Middle School. 

    There are three divisions:  

    • Division I is made up of the top two teams in each region (total of eight teams), and possibly third place teams that make strong growth to earn a wild card.   Each team receives at least two games. The games are officiated by WESD staff.     
    • Division II is made up of all other teams.  Each team receives at least two games.  The games are officiated by WESD staff. 
    • Division III is made up of the 5-6 grade teams from the K-8 schools, who do not compete with the 5-6 teams from K-6 schools during the season.  

    5-6 League Basketball Rules 


    5-6 Grade Boys Basketball Season work book - results

    Map of Locations

    Please click here to view a map of locations for boys basketball.

    Season Results

    The 2022-23 5-6 School Basketball Season came to a close on December 3 for Division I and December 10 for Division II @ the Annual Charger Classic at Cholla Middle School.  

    The final results from the Championships were:

    5/6 Boys' Division I - Basketball Team Results

    5/6 Boys' Division II - Basketball Team Results

    Congratulations to:

    2023-24 First Place Division I - Sahuaro Elementary School

    2023-24 5-6 Boys' Division I champions- Sahuaro

    Second Place Division I - Acacia Elementary School

    2023-24 5-6 DI Runner up - Acacia

    First Place Division II -  Tumbleweed

    2023-24 Boys' basketball 5-6 DII Champions - Tumbleweed

    Second Place Division II - Lakeview