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        K-8 School Girls' Softball is a competitive sport where student athletes refine their skills in practices and competition.  Team work, commitment, and dedication to improve throughout the season are nurtured by their coaches.  Many competitive High School Athletes have come out of WESD Softball programs.  

        Typical Start Date:

        Tryouts are typically in March.  Games begin in Early April.  Only a few of the seven K-8 schools have a combined Girls' Softball Team. 

        Typical End Date:

        The K-8 Girls' Softball Championship Tournament takes place during the last week of April.   


        Practices at the Schools

        The K-8 Schools who participate in Girls' softball, host each other and play away at each others' schools. 

        At the end of the season the teams participate in a District Tournament to play for the District Championship.  

        Who Participates:

        Girls' Softball is a tryout sport,  All girls who wish to play need to tryout prior to the season.  Tryouts are based on skills of hitting, throwing, fielding, and general game play.  Other factors taken into account during tryouts - grades, behavior, communication, sportsmanship, and good team work.   Typically, teams are made up of 13 athletes. 

        Only a few K-8 Schools have a Girls' Softball Team.  

        Maryland and Abraham Lincoln are the K-8 schools who have active Softball programs.  

        Prior training:

        K-8 Girls' Softball is highly competitive and there are tryouts.  Having previous experience is helpful for making a team.  Anyone interested should practice the fundamental skills.  


        Season Results

        The 2023-24 K-8 School Softball Season will come to a close on May 7.

        The final results from the K-8 School District Championships were:

        K-8 School Girls' Softball Team Results

        1st Place - Abraham Lincoln

        2023-24 K-8 Schools Girls' Softball champions - Abraham Lincoln

        2nd Place - Orangewood