Middle School Cross Country

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    Cross Country is a great sport for those who want to challenge themselves, meet new people, and even prepare for another sport.  Athletes get to build relationships and support one another as they set goals and challenges throughout the season.  Some of our WESD runners go on to run in cross country in high school at a top level, while others use it to just better themselves socially and physically.  While there are champions, there are no losers in this sport.  Everyone walks, or rather runs away better for the experience!

    Typical Start Date:

    Early or Mid-September

    Typical End Date:

    End of October or early November


    Practices at the Schools

    The five Middle Schools participate in three meets.  All of the meets are held at Moon Valley Park Located at 7th Avenue and Coral Gables.

    Course-  The course is 2.3 miles long.  

    Who Participates:

    Cross Country is not a tryout sport,  All who wish to run are invited 

    There is a Boys' Cross Country Team and Girls' Cross Country Team at the five middle schools.

    Cholla, Desert Foothills, Mountain Sky, Palo Verde and Royal Palm

    Prior training:

    None.  If you like to run or want to, you are the right person for Cross Country.  

  • Season Results

    The 2023-24 Middle School Cross Country Season came to a close on October 30. 

    The final results from the Championship meet were:

    2023-24 Girls Team Results

    1st Place - Cholla

    2nd Place -Mountain Sky 


    2023-24 Boys Team Results 

    1st Place - Desert Foothills

    2nd Place - Palo Verde