K-8 and K-6 Cross Country

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    2023-24 Cross Country Championship flier


    K-8 and K- 6 Cross Country Goals:

    • Facilitate a season long enough to show improvement in running and healthy practice
    • Allow schools to start small, deemphasizing competition
    • Build on the experience with new competition
    • Allow for practice prior to final “championship” meet.  
    • Honor growth at different levels. 
    • Minimize transportation distances with school and regional meets prior to district meets
    • Minimize the preparation time by focusing on target times rather than places. 

    K-6 and K-8 Cross Country Grade bands and target times.

    Athletes will run in grade bands, unless the numbers dictate dividing up the groups for safety.  Below are the grade level bands that run together, the distance, and the target time.  

      • K-2 – ¼ mile, 400 meters. 3 Minutes
      • 3 - 4  -  ¾ mile, 1200 meters. 7 Minutes
      • 5 - 6 – 1 mile, 1600 meters. 14 Minutes
      • 7 - 8 - 1 ¾ miles, 2800 meters. 16 Minutes
    • In order to compete in the District Final Meet, the runners must meet the target time at least once during the school meet, regional meet, or ASU West Practice meet. 

    K-8 and K-6 Cross Country Regions

    The K-6 and K-8 seasons overlap.  In order to reduce family transportation of runners, the WESD is divided into five regions. 








    K-6 and K-8 Cross Country Season

    The cross country season is divided into thee parts as follows:

    1. Practice and school only meet - After a few weeks of training, each school will hold their own Cross Country meet with only their own runners.  This meet is an opportunity for runners to meet the target time in the grade band so they can qualify for the District Final Meet.   

    2. Regional Meets - schools in a region will work together to host a regional meet.  This meet is an opportunity for runners to meet the target time in the grade band so they can qualify for the District Final Meet.    

    3. District warm-up meet and Championship Meets - WESD will host a warm-up meet at ASU West prior to the final meet.  This allows the runners to become familiar with the course prior to the final.  The Final meet will take place at the end of the season and showcase all of the runner who qualified at some point in the season with a qualifying time.  


    K-6 and K-8 Cross Country Schedule

    ADJUSTED TIMELINE - September 9, 2022

    • Meet #1 - School Meet - Prior to Fall Break - Each school may host their own athletes at their school.  Must use the agreed upon distances for age groups.

    • Meet #2 – Regional Meet - Prior to parent/teacher conferences - Each region hosts one meet with all of the K-6 and K-8 schools within their region.  Can be at a high school, park, other facility just as long as they meet the common age group distances.   (District can assist and help with facilities). 

      • Region 1 -  
      • Region 2 -  
      • Region 3 - 
      • Region 4 - 
      • Region 5 -  
    • Meet #3 - ASU WEST “Warm up” meet.- Prior to Veterans Day- two evenings at ASU West Hosted by District with assistance from coaches, volunteers, etc.  

    • Meet #4 - Championship Meet = Saturday Prior to Thanksgiving - Hosted by District with assistance from coaches, volunteers, etc. (Runners must qualify based on best time from any of the previous meets - see target times)  

    Season Results

    2023-24 Cross-country Season Championship Results - 11/30 after being postponed by rain on 11/18.  


    1st Place - Lookout Mountain

    2nd Place - Acacia

    3rd Place - Mountain View (K-8)

    4th Place - Arroyo (K-8)

    5th Place - Sunset

    Top Placing per group - 6th grade through K-1

    2023-24 6th Girls cross Country

    2023-24 6th Boys' Cross Country

    2023-24 5th Girls Cross Country

    2023-24 5th Boys' Cross Country

    2023-24 4th Girls Cross Country

    2023-24 4th Boys cross country

    2023-24 3rd Girls Cross country

    2023-24 3rd Boys cross country

    2023-24 2nd Girls cross Country

    2023-24 2nd boys Cross Country

    2023-24 k-1 girls Cross country

    2023-24 k-1 boys cross country

Cross Country Runners - district meet 2023-24
Coach with Ocotillo runners
Boys runner 2023-24 District meet
2023-24 Running cross coutry
Starting line 2023-24