• Critiquing Assessment: February 26, 2014 Math PLC

  •   Be persistent
  •  Be encouraged by others’ success
  •  Learn from mistakes
  •  Be comfortable with uncertainty
  •  Expect to be challenged
  •  Seeking out connections for yourself
  •  Making sense of the structure embedded in the standards you teach
  •  Articulating and interpreting understanding with your peers
  •  Purposeful reflection 

  • Agenda

    1.    Problem to solve – choose 1

    2.    Critiquing Assessments: Discuss and read

    a.    Student work samples from created assessment item – guiding questions:

                                              i.    What information about your students did you receive?  Was that information expected or a surprise?  Why?

                                            ii.    What type of feedback did you give to students?

                                           iii.    What were/are your next steps?

                                           iv.    Would you make revisions to this assessment task?  Why or why not?  What would those revisions be?

    b.    Reading

                                              i.    Explore the links/documents in the collection of Extension Options at the bottom of the page.

    3.    Resource - EngageNY

    a.    Browse the EngageNY website of instructional resources

                                              i.    How do the materials support the shifts in instruction for mathematics?

                                            ii.    How do the materials support the shifts in assessment?

    4.    Problem to solve

    a.    Revise/complete

    b.    Share solutions

    c.    Reading about the circle/square problem:  http://blog.mrmeyer.com/2014/confab-circle-square

  • Resources
  • Reflection Questions
  • Extension Options
  • Assessment for Review