English Language Learner Program


    Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO)

    There are three measures included in the AMAO federal requirements. One is making progress on the test of English language proficiency.  WESD has made the target each year on this measure.  The second requirement is for the rate of reclassification.  WESD has made this target for six of eight years. The third measure requires that 100% of English language learners meet the adequate yearly progress targets in reading and mathematics. WESD did not meet this target for 2014.  Through English language and academic instructional programs, the District strives to meet and exceed the language and academic needs of all students.

  • Cathy Gentry
    EL Coordinator
    Jessica Stevens
    EL Instructional Specialist
    Katrina Elam
    EL Instructional Specialist 
    Anna Mickey
    Office Specialist