Gifted Services

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    Jason McIntosh
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    The Gifted Services Department is committed to providing gifted services to school-age students in the Washington Elementary School District, as required by ARS 15-779.01, 15-779.02, 15.779.03 and 15.779.04. This is accomplished by ensuring the students are appropriately identified; providing appropriate service in the area of qualification; including differentiation in content, process, product and environment; supporting student learning commensurate with ability; and aligning with the District's vision, mission, and values. The department is responsible for contributing leadership and support to gifted programs District-wide by providing training, resources and information to teachers of gifted, principals and parents. Each District school provides gifted services designed to meet the needs of the gifted population at its site. The District also has a K-8 Center-base Program. The K-6 program is housed at Sahuaro Elementary; the 7-8 program is housed at Cholla Middle School.