• What is "Genuis Hour?"

    Students have the opportunity to learn about a passion of their choice. They decide how they will learn about it and how they will demonstrate their learning. Some students have learned sign language, coded games, made designs on the 3D printer, or created any number of projects. They present to the whole GLC. 

    Do GLC students interact with other students at Sahuaro School?

    Students in the GLC interact in afterschool programs, sports, or through "sister" classes. Otherwise, lunch, recess and specials are separate from the school. 

    Can GLC students participate in sports?

    Yes. Sahuaro has basketball, soccer, cheer/spirit, and track.

    Is there an after-school program?

    Yes. KidsSpace is the afterschool program. You will need to contact them to see if they have available spaces. It opens at 6:30am and closes at 6:00pm.

    Do GLC students have special areas classes?

    Yes, we have art, music, PE, and band/strings classes. 

    Can siblings attend Sahuaro if they are not gifted or do not qualify for the GLC?

    Yes, siblings can enroll at Sahuaro in regular education classes. Contact the school office. 

    How long has the program been around?

    A long time! It used to be called the MAP Center. One of the teachers (Ms. Armer) is a former student!

    What is the probability of being accepted?

    This changes from year to year. Students move and the 6th graders always promote to junior high each year, leaving spaces for new students. We had 10 spaces open this year (2021-22) which were filled during the year as students tested and applied for the program.

    Do you have to be in WESD to attend the GLC?

    No. We have some students who are attending on a variance. Ask the school office. 

    Where do 6th grade students go after the GLC? Is there a feeder school?

    Many students attend the FLEX program at Cholla Middle School. This program has the same qualifications of one score of 95th percentile or higher, one score above the 90th percentile, and one score above the 80th percentile. Flex also has gifted endorsed teachers and an advanced/accelerated curriculum. 

    What is the student population?

    Students are in grades K-6. Grades K-2 are the smallest in number, with most students being in the middle and older grades. They come from schools all over the district and outside the district. There are no more than 20 students in each of the 4 classes.

    Can a child join in kinder if they qualify in Pre-K?

    Yes. If a child is tested in Pre-K on the DAS or other state approved gifted test, they may attend the GLC as a Kinder. You can leave the child's student ID number blank when you complete the googleform application. 

    What should be in my child's introduction video?

    Please showcase your child's giftedness and talent. Show us their creativity, interests,problem solving, motivation, curiosity, task-commitment, humor etc...You can show your child playing a sport, a game, a musical instrument, drawing, building, coding, cooking, reading....

    Do you have transportation?

    Currently, we only have transportation within the Sahusro school boundaries. Some of our families have established carpools based on where they live. The teachers can provide more information about this.