• Do FLEX students have classes with other students?

    Yes, they have electives with the general education population. They also have math and algebra classes with general education students.

    What electives are offered?

    Physical Education, Choir, Engineering, Coding, Art, Band, Orchestra, Percussion, and Guitar. Electives are a semester long. 

    What afterschool classes are offered?

    Cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, coding, cooking, homework help. Classes change each year. 

    Can students who are not gifted in all three areas (who don't qualify for FLEX) still take FLEX classes?

    Yes, a student who is gifted in math can take advanced math. A nonverbally gifted student can take advanced science. A verbally gifted student can take advanced ELA. 

    What if I am ready for Geometry or higher?

    Speak to the gifted coordinator and Ms. Dunham (math teacher). We have a partnership with Glendale Union High Schools. 

    Is transportation provided?

    There is limited transportation from a few bus stops. There is one stop at Sahuaro Elementary. 

    What is an independent Study Project?

    Each quarter FLEX students complete an in-depth project in one sbject area (Math, ELA, Social Studies, or Science).