• The GLC is a self-contained gifted program for students in grades K-6 located at Sahuaro Elementary. Students learn with like-ability peers based on ability level as opposed to grade level. Classes are multi-age and focus on the needs and understandings of the individual. Students learn using authentic learning opportunities, including using Project-Based Learning,  under the supervision of experienced, gifted-endorsed teachers. The program and teachers focus on the social emotional development and academic needs specific to gifted learners.  Gifted students must meet qualifications and apply for the program. 

    Qualifications include: One score from a cognitive abilities test that is in the gifted range of the 95th percentile or above, a second score in the 90th percentile or higher, and a third score in the 80th percentile or higher. This ensures our gifted students learn with like-ability peers and are ready for fast-paced instruction and  higher-level critical thinking. 

    If you are interested in the GLC, please complete the Google form application on the WESD gifted website. If the application window is not open, you can contact

  •  The Gifted Learning Center is a  self-contained gifted program for students in grades K-6 @ Sahuaro Elementary School.

    If your child has gifted scores of 95th percentile in one area (gifted) and has a second score above the 90th percentile and a third score above the 80th percentile, he/she is eligible for the K-6th grade Gifted Learning Center (GLC) at Sahuaro Elementary. 

    In this program, students receive instruction at their ability level instead of at grade level. Gifted students thrive in learning environments with faster-paced instruction, choice, project-based learning, and other high-ability gifted learners. 

    Application Link

    Applications for the 2022-23 school year are currently being reviewed. You may still complete and application for your child, however, we will have a wait list.  Please apply using the Google form below. Complete one application per child. Each application will also need a teacher recommendation. Please send the link to a teacher who is familiar with your child and his or her abilities. The applications will also require a letter about the student written by a parent (K-3) or by the student (4th-7th). A video with the student demonstrating something they are proud of is also needed for the application. If you do not know your child's gifted test scores, you may leave this section blank. Please contact if you have questions or call 602-347-2651. 

    Gifted Learning Center Application (GLC) Kinder-6th grade in the 2022-23 school year

    Teacher recommendation form (one required per student application for the GLC

  • What does a typical day in the GLC look like?

    • Homebase (K-6 Homerooms)
    • Teacher Read Aloud
    • SEMR choice-based reading and questioning
    • Journaling
    • Social-emotional gifted lessons
    • Electives (Crafts, robotics, sewing, creative writing, coding)
    • Specials (Art, music, PE, Band/Orchestra)
    • Hands-on math lessons
    • Genius Hour
    • Project-Based Learning
    • 3D printing
    • Flexible seating options
    • Science experiments
    • Critical thinking

Meet the GLC teachers

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