Distance Learning Program

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    Washington Elementary School District has made an intentional decision to decrease class sizes in the next school year in order to address the learning loss experienced throughout this past year. Based on research, having students in an in-person environment is the most effective for learning, however, we understand some families may want to choose an online option. Therefore, WESD will be providing parents/guardians with the opportunity for students to attend their education program in WESD in the online setting. 

    The Distance Learning Program will be best suited for students who thrived in the online environment during Remote Learning. To be considered for the Distance Learning Program,

    • Parents/guardians must commit to being actively engaged in their child(ren)’s learning by providing strong parent support. This parent involvement will require overseeing the student’s daily learning, verifying attendance, submitting seat time minutes, and reviewing classroom assignments and other similar tasks.

    • Students must commit to attending daily, live full-day instruction with a WESD teacher, completing assignments on time, participating in live classroom discussion, and being an actively engaged learner and other similar tasks.

    • WESD will collaboratively work with families to determine if this online program is best for your child

    In order to ensure a quality learning environment, the program will include live, engaging instruction which will require student participation, a Chromebook, and a stable internet connection.

    WESD will provide a district-issued Chromebook. Parents/Guardians must provide a stable internet connection in the location where the student will do the majority of their class time and classwork. We will review requests for scholarships for internet connections on a case-by-case basis. If this model does not actively support a quality learning environment as evidenced by active learning, students will be required to return to their home school to ensure academic success as a priority.

    Our Distance Learning Program will include a limited number of spaces.



  • Dr. Teresa Hernandez
    Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning