• GPS
    Recognizing the need to look for greater efficiencies in our routing and the need to investigate ways to provide accurate, real-time information about the location of our buses at any given time, Washington Elementary School District purchased GPS (Global Positioning Systems) applications for every school bus and white fleet vehicle that transports students to and from school.  This allows the Department of Transportation Fleet Services to pinpoint the exact location of our vehicles in the event of an emergency, and to monitor safety practices of our drivers.  We also use this to obtain accurate route information and to track historical data so we can improve our operation.
    Washington Elementary School District has installed surveillance cameras, with audio, inside all of the school buses to protect your children.  The use of bus cameras on school buses is an important tool in the management of student and driver safety.  Cameras are routinely checked throughout the year for safety and maintenance. 

    The safety of students traveling to and from school, as well as their safety at school, is of primary importance to the Washington Elementary School District.  With this in mind, WESD has implemented technology to make it easier to identify students when they are on campus and to verify when and where students enter and exit a school bus.

    All students will be issued a Z-Pass card.  This Z-Pass card can be scanned remotely by a “card reader” as a student enters and exits the school bus.  The card reader inside the bus has a light that flashes from blue to green and beeps audibly when the student’s card has been identified.  The time, date and location that the card is read are logged into a secured database accessible to authorized District officials.  This allows District officials to provide immediate answers as to where and when a child entered and exited the school bus.

    In addition to identifying when each student enters and exits a bus, the system provides transportation administrators valuable data such as the number of students transported and length of time each student is riding the bus.  This information will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our routing to better serve our student riders while reducing costs.