Application Timeline

    • February 12, 2024: Applications open for the FLEX Self-Contained Gifted Program
    • February 15, 2024: Future Charger Night at Cholla Middle School-4:30-6:30pm: Future Chargers Night at Cholla - 7th-8th grade FLEX program open house with Ms. McKeever
    • April 1, 2024: FLEX applications due
    • April19, 2024: Acceptance letters and emails for FLEX program 

FLEX Gifted Program Application (7th-8th grade)

  • The Washington Elementary School District provides services for all school-age students identified as gifted in verbal, quantitative, and/or non-verbal reasoning. The Flex Program is included in that continuum of services. What makes the Flex Program unique is that it is designed specifically for gifted 7th – 8th graders who are considered to be highly-gifted.

    Program Description: Coursework includes a language arts and social studies integrated block, advanced inquiry-based science course and higher level math classes. In addition, students design, investigate and create independent study projects based on individual interest.

    Program Philosophy: Every student deserves the appropriate educational opportunities to enable achievement commensurate with ability and to be challenged with the academic rigor they need. The end goal is to produce a self-directed, assertive, productive learner who is a contributing member of society. The necessary educational differentiation and opportunities to interact and work with peers provides these students with an appropriate, effective educational experience.


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  •  If you have any questions please email or call 602-347-2651.


Entrance Criteria

    • At least 95th percentile in one area of giftedness, plus 90th percentile or higher in a second area, plus 80th percentile or higher in a third area on a state approved gifted assessment
    • Completed application
    • Demonstration of the Habits of a Scholar

  • FLEX Application form 

    1) Letter from the student describing why they would like to join the Flex Program and how they exhibit the Habits of a Scholar
    2) A video showing one-three samples of student work

    3) Teacher recommendation (email link to teacher).  


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