The BEGIN III Program is designed for teachers who have completed the first two levels of the BEGIN program. The Director of Professional Development Services is the program facilitator.  The format of BEGIN III is structured in a more collaborative format with cross-grade level grouping of participants shaping the session dialogue. BEGIN III teachers are also encouraged to continue their relationship with their previously assigned or informally acquired building-based mentors. The format of the program includes a monthly night meeting, and one Saturday session. The theme of the third-year model is “Teaching-Leading-Learning.” The focus of the BEGIN III program is on the application of differentiated instruction and teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners, as well as on the role of “teacher as leader” in the Washington School District. This final level of support for teachers during their induction phase of their careers is the culminating event in the successful assimilation into the culture of teaching. The BEGIN III Program will conclude with a Recognition Ceremony acknowledging the passage of the beginning teachers from the induction phase to the competency building phase of their careers and into the family of the Washington School District.

    BEGIN III Teacher Outcomes:

    The BEGIN III teacher will be able to:

       Utilize curricular mapping to apply the concept of curriculum integration

       Apply the skill of reflection to the improvement of classroom instruction and professional growth

       Define and apply the strategies of differentiated instruction and teaching

       Define teacher leadership and how it relates to their role in and out of the classroom

       Model basic facilitation strategies necessary in the role of teacher as leader

       Explain how to participate in the process of building a learning community

       Conduct crucial conversations and building relationships with difficult teammates

       Apply the principles of the change process to their current settings and situations

       Request assistance when needed