The BEGIN II Program is designed for BEGIN I teachers during their second year of teaching and who have completed the BEGIN I program.  Each teacher is assigned a grade level master teacher Cadre Leader as well as continue with or be assigned a building-level mentor.  The format of the program includes one day of inservice prior to the teachers’ contract start date. During the school year, the BEGIN teachers will attend night meetings and one Saturday workshop. The focus of the BEGIN II program is the successful management of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The BEGIN II program continues to stress the importance of BEGIN teachers spending time with each other so each scheduled BEGIN II meeting includes Cadre time. 

    BEGIN II Teacher Outcomes:

    The BEGIN II teacher will be able to:

       Utilize the District’s curriculum documents to plan effective instruction

       Interpret and utilize the District’s assessments

       Develop a task analysis on specific area of the curriculum

       Write behavioral objectives that specifically focus on content and student outcomes

       Identify and apply the critical components of lesson planning

       Develop a curriculum map in one curricular area

       Explain and demonstrate invitational learning behaviors

       Apply strategies critical for meeting the needs of second language learners

       Implement modification for students with special learning needs

       Utilize teaching procedures that increase engaged time on task

       Explain and implement strategies for successful practice and reteaching situations

       Monitor instruction and adjust teaching strategies to increase instructional effectiveness

       Problem-solve strategies necessary for daily classroom operations

       Request assistance when needed