• Boundary/Grade Configuration Changes

    The WESD will host a public meeting regarding proposed attendance boundary changes and proposed boundary/grade configuration Thursday, May 28 at 7 p.m. at the WESD Administrative Center, 4650 W. Sweetwater Ave. and via livestream on Microsoft Teams. The Governing Board will also hold its regular meeting during this time.

    Members of the public viewing the live stream who wish to comment during the Public Hearings or the Public Participation segment of the Board meeting may do so by accessing the Live Event Q&A option on Microsoft Teams. You do not need to create an account or download an app to view the meeting live from a computer; you may choose to "watch on the web instead.” You will need to download the Microsoft Teams app to view the live stream on your cell phone.

    To view the live stream, visit bit.ly/PublicHearingsBoardMeeting.

  • Please provide any feedback, comments, or questions HERE.

  • Desert View Elementary and Royal Palm Middle School Grade Configuration Presentation Slides 


    To view the presentation slides, click HERE

  • Maryland Elementary and Ocotillo Elementary Boundary Changes Presentation Slides


    To view the presentation slides, click HERE

  • Special Notice of Public Meeting


  • What is this proposed attendance change for Maryland and Ocotillo Elementary Schools, and where will the boundary changes take place?

  • How will this impact students who live in this area currently attend Maryland School?

  • What are my options for my student moving to eighth grade next year?

  • What is this proposed grade configuration at Desert View Elementary and Royal Palm Middle Schools?

  • What factors were considered in proposing the changes?

  • What are the options for my fifth grader going into sixth grade next year?

  • What was the process and timeline for determining the proposed changes?

  • How can I get additional information?