Library Services

  • Each WESD school offers a library operated by library media specialists who promote literacy and teach students how to utilize the library to its fullest potential. They support classroom learning through both lessons taught and books read to the entire class, as well as providing resources to share with teachers. From supporting students with classroom project research, exploring books and materials based on their personal interest and promoting the love of reading, library media specialists are an important part of the campus learning community.

    Beginning January 2023, Arizona passed A.S.R.S 15-102, which provides an opportunity for parents to request a list of books and/or materials that their child has checked out from the school library. This law also requires that notification be provided when new books and/or materials are added to the library collection and available for checkout. The list of new books and/or materials will be made available for 60 days on our website below and the WESD website with a seven-day notice that the list is being added. This will occur as needed throughout the school year.

    Please use the links below to review books and/or materials your child has checked out from the school library, review new books and/or materials added to the school libraries and to review the complete school library book collections.

  • Review Your Child's Library Books Graphic

  • Review Books and/or Materials Your Child Has Checked Out from the School Library

    If you would like to review a list of books and/or materials your child has checked out from the school library, please click here. Although previously communicated, access through ParentVUE is currently unavailable. Please check back as access through ParentVUE is coming soon.

  • Review Newly Added Library Books Graphic

  • Review New Books and/or Materials Added to the School Libraries

    Please click here to review lists of the new library books and/or materials that are being added to our school libraries and available for checkout. These lists will be available from February 16, 2023 through April 20, 2023.

  • Review Complete Library Book Collections

  • Review Our Complete School Library Book Collections

    To review our complete school library book collections, please click here.