Student Drop Off/Pick Up

    1. Students should not be dropped off before 7:55a.m.

    2. Please DO NOT arrive to pick up your child before 3:10.  Early arrivals do not help the process, they only slow things down.  Please remember dismissal is at 3:15p.m.

    3. Please follow the arrows and signs as posted.  The inner lane (closest to the school) is for picking up your child.  Please stay in your vehicle and we will bring your child to you.  The outer lane is for driving through once your child is picked up.  You should not be stopping in or picking up from this lane.

    4. If you chose to park, please do so in a designated spot.  Make sure you are facing the correct direction so you can go with the traffic flow when you depart.

    5. Cars should turn right coming into the parking lot and right exiting.  Cars making a U-turn in a school zone or illegal left turn can be ticketed.

    6. Please remain off your cell phone until you are out of the parking lot.  This is in the interest and safety of all.

    7. If possible, avoid turning left or right on El Caminito.  This really slows down the exit process.  One extra block can save everyone a great deal of time.

    8. If you need to pick up or drop off your child after school has started, please use one of the two designated spots in front of the office area.  We ask that you do not park on the curbing in front of the school.