Students of the Month

  • Each month, the Mountain Sky teams recognize students who make great contributions to our community, campus, peers, or classes based on the E.A.G.L.E. Way: 

    Earns respect by respecting others first
    Acts on initiative
    Goes the extra mile to “take care of the nest”
    Leads when a leader is needed, follows when others need to lead.
    Encourages others to soar


    August/September Students of the Month:

    • 7A Gabriella G. and Rylan C.
    • 7B Evertt B. and Isabelle M.
    • 8A Krystal A. and Bryan A.
    • 8B Byron W. and Ava C.

    October Students of the Month:

    • 7A Brooklyn S. and Adiel O.
    • 7B Abigail B. and Eduardo A.
    • 8A Nancy S. and Eddie E.
    • 8B Mario C. and Genesis H.

    November Students of the Month:

    • 7A Autumn A. and Zach S.
    • 7B Abby S. and Cooper B.
    • 8A Vanessa P. Carter M.
    • 8B Danica K. and Joshua K.

    December Students of the Month:

    • 7A Tania A. and Izrael Y.
    • 7B Max K. and Dolly B.
    • 8A Reed M. and Evangeline V.
    • 8B Abby C. and Kanon O.

    January Students of the Month:

    • 7A Maliya S. and Diego F.
    • 7B Johnathan I. and Isabella A.
    • 8A Trinity H. and Riley W.
    • 8B Axl F. and Margaret W.

    February Students of the Month:

    • 7A Darian R. and Connor B.
    • 7B Jose L. and Piper S.
    • 8A Marlene L. and Nicholas K.
    • 8B Tyson G. and Aliziah W.

    March Students of the Month:

    • 7A Sage L. and Anthony A.
    • 7B Hawraa A. and Luke K.
    • 8A Cael C. and Sophia F.
    • 8B Damien H. and Natalie V.

    April Students of the Month:

    • 7A Janice A. and Aiden T.
    • 7B Harper A. and Francisco S.
    • 8A Joseph J. and Melissa B.
    • 8B Caitlyn E. and Peter L.

    May Students of the Month:

    • 7A Paisley L. and Gabriel I.
    • 7B Nai'Loni J. and John L.
    • 8A Krystal A. and Carter F.
    • 8B Anali G. and Doriano P.