Students of the Month

  • Each month, the Mountain Sky teams recognize students who make great contributions to our community, campus, peers, or classes based on the E.A.G.L.E. Way: 

    Earns respect by respecting others first
    Acts on initiative
    Goes the extra mile to “take care of the nest”
    Leads when a leader is needed, follows when others need to lead.
    Encourages others to soar


    August/September Students of the Month:

    • 7A: Jaxson Baumener and Madisyn Fosu
    • 7B: Scarlett Spies and Asher Monge
    • 8A:  Abigail Cannon and Jayden Aldrete
    • 8B:  Madilyn Landers and Angel Zenon Lopez

    October Students of the Month:

    • 7A: Elen Aguilar Aguilar Sandoval and Max Suter
    • 7B: Jonna Granger and Diego Bernardo
    • 8A: Michael Pena and Hailey Schlesinger
    • 8B: Ella Dion and Ashton Leon McCuiston

    November Students of the Month:

    • 7A:  Annabelle Spiker and Berrett Shawcroft
    • 7B:  Emily Loftus and Mason Fung
    • 8A:  Jaren Johannes and Katelyn Sherman
    • 8B:  Abigail Russell and Johnathan Iskhakov

    December Students of the Month:

    • 7A: Ilyianna Gutierrez and Dylan Bliss
    • 7B:  Olivia Vaona and Heathe Hutchinson
    • 8A:  Sarah Roberts and Cannon Jellick
    • 8B:  Janice Aguayo Castro and David Narvaez Guervara

    January Students of the Month:

    • 7A:  Lauren Briggs and Wyatt Carpenter
    • 7B:  Miranda Pulido Ortega and Kevin Lopez Hernandez
    • 8A:  Brenda Ramirez and Adiel Ortiz
    • 8B:  Cami Goodwin and Jencarlos Barrios Baten

    February Students of the Month:

    • 7A: Jacob Worst and Angelica Lopez
    • 7B: Hugo Mendez Jaquez and Sheri Bagley
    • 8A: Brooklyn St. James and Tiernan Kelly
    • 8B: Hayden Ayer and Max Krzak

    March Students of the Month:

    • 7A:  Haven Grefka and Kaitlyn Hiner
    • 7B:  Sierra Moore and Ian Aguilar
    • 8A:  Jaxon Tower and Sage Laudner
    • 8B:  Anthony Martinez Ortiz and Ariana Velarde

    April Students of the Month:

    • 7A: Marley Cary and Akshith Raparthi
    • 7B:  Luccia Molina and Luke Brady
    • 8A:  Connor McKinney and Kylie Wisner
    • 8B:  Hawraa Al Zubaidi and Cooper Barringer