Blazer Cart
  • At Sunburst School, 5th and 6th grade students can be a part of Student Council Ambassadors. Student Council Ambassadors are trustworthy individuals that want to make a difference at Sunburst School. They will be a role model for other students. Student Ambassadors are respectful and take responsibility for actions. They follow the All Things EQ guidelines of our school-wide SEL program. They are leaders on campus and help during important school events such as:

    • Fun Runs
    • Holiday-Gram Sales
    • Snack bar during home games
    • Learning Fair

    Currently, we have four Student Council Ambassadors that hold the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These Ambassadors were elected by their peers to represent their classes. They run Student Council meetings and help to make positive decisions at Sunburst School.

    President-Aurora A.

    Vice-President-Romeo V.M.

    Secretary-Christopher F.

    Treasurer-Rylie R.

  • Student Council is in charge of the Blazer Buck Store.  A long time tradition where students can use their saved up/earned Blazer Bucks to buy desired items.   The store is now mobile and goes into classrooms once a quarter. K-6 students earn Blazer Bucks for following Sunburst Expectations.