Student Drop-off and Pickup

  • Students may not come on campus until 8:00 a.m. when there is adult supervision.

    Children Who Come by Car

    Parents who are dropping off students are encouraged to watch their children until they are out of traffic areas. If parents need to leave their cars, for any reason, the car must be parked in a parking space, car motors must be turned off and children must be out of the car. Accidents can happen if motors are left running with young children sitting in the unattended cars. Parents who are picking up or dropping off their children at school are to pull into the loading area to the west of school, entering on Vogel and exiting on Mountain View. It is the parent's responsibility to follow the directions of any supervisor on duty at dismissal.

    Children Who Walk

    It is important that students go directly home before they go to a friend's house or return to school for a school event. Students who walk to and from school must stay on designated paths and crosswalks. Parents are to discuss with and plan the safest route their children are to walk to school. Parents and children are to cross streets with the crossing guards in the crosswalks.

    Children Who Ride the Bus

    Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students are to follow all rules and policies relating to appropriate behavior on the bus. It is important that students ride the correct bus and get on/off at the correct bus stop. Also students should go directly home before they go to a friend's house or return to school for a school event.

    Only students who live in designated busing areas are to ride the bus. Students who are on open enrollment (live outside of the Sunnyslope attendance area) may not walk to a bus stop nor ride a bus. Discipline actions will be taken for students who choose not to follow bus rules. All students have the right to be safe while waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and leaving the bus.

    Students who are bus riders will not be allowed on the school bus without a Sunnyslope School ID Card. New ID Cards can be purchased in the front office for $2.00.