Student Drop-off and Pickup

  • Sunburst parents, please keep in mind the following guidelines for the safety of our students and to help drop-off and pick up move as smoothly as possible:

    1. Transportation uses the bus bay on 47th Avenue for drop off and pick up.  

    2. If your child lives in a busing area, we encourage parents to take advantage of this resource to alleviate traffic congestion experienced daily at our school.

    3. Please respect the traffic pattern in the parking area for the safety of all children.

    4. If you are picking up your child, traffic will be limited to one line entering the parking lot from 47th Avenue at the north entrance and continue around to the south driveway (the area the buses used to pick up).  Once you have pulled forward, students may exit or enter the car through the passenger side of the vehicle to avoid having to step into any exiting traffic.  Children will be required to wait on the sidewalk in the designated drop-off/pickup zone until their parent’s car has come to a complete stop in the pickup lane.

      After your child has entered or exited your car, you may pull out of the pickup lane to exit out the back entrance.

    5. Double-parked cars, cars vacated with engines running, and children dropped off in the middle of the parking lot are a safety hazard and will not be permitted.  Signs, speed limits, and crosswalks are provided for everyone’s safety.  If you would like to park your car in the west parking lot and walk to retrieve your child, you will then exit the south end of the parking lot onto 47th Avenue.  You may walk to the drop-off/pickup zone to pick up your child. Please hold your child’s hand and use the yellow crosswalks to walk back to your car.  You may also park in the back parking lot by the basketball courts, but please do not park in the bus lane.

    6. Curbs are painted indicating parking restrictions.  Red curb indicates “No Parking.”  Blue curb indicates “30 Second Drop-Off/Pickup” zone.

    7. The Blue curb begins after the crosswalk.