About Chaparral Elementary

  • All schools in the Washington Elementary School District are committed to achieving excellence for every child, every day, every opportunity. Chaparral Elementary School's curriculum is fully aligned with State Standards. Chaparral provides an effective preschool and K-6 elementary school education. In addition to regular education, a full program of services is offered to meet the special learning needs of students including Special Needs Preschool, Cross Categorical Kindergarten, Learning Disabled Resource class and program for gifted students. Art, music and PE are provided for all grade levels.

    Our Vision

    Chaparral strives to create high levels of learning in a welcoming, collaborative environment that prepares ALL students for our rapidly changing world.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Chaparral Elementary School is high achievement of ALL students. All Chaparral students will perform with high standards of POSITIVE BEHAVIOR through their respect, responsibility, and productivity.


    Our Values

    • We value an "All Means All" mindset where all students are included and staff have high expectations for students achievement and positive behavior.
    • We value respecting every child as an individual and celebrating their differences.
    • We value having positive interactions with students each day.
    • We value the health, safety, and welfare of our students parents, community and staff.
    • We value building relationships with the parents and community members through open and honest communications.
    • We value maximizing instructional time for students within the classroom.
    • We value a growth mindset and making an impact on achievement through hard-work and perseverance.
    • We value students taking ownership in their own learning and behavior by setting goals for themselves to improve daily.
    • We value student recognition both academically and behaviorally.
    • We value collaboration among grade level teams and across the grade levels to raise achievement for all students.
    • We value using student data to drive instruction, which guide interventions or achievement for all students.
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