Student-Drop Off and Pickup

  •  Do not drop-off or pickup students in a car using the parking lot on Peoria Ave. This parking lot is for staff and visitors only. It is not safe for children to be walking in this area. 

    Drop-Off by Car

    The car bay is located on 9th Ave between Cheryl Ave. and North Ln.   This is the only area where students should be dropped off and picked up in a vehicle.  You and your student will be assigned a number for car bay use. You must have that number visible in your vehicle at time of pick up.  You are asked to stay in your vehicle as the cars are constantly moving forward to pick up students.   Leaving your car impedes traffic and slows down the process.    When you get to the area where students are gathered, a teacher will assist in putting the children in your vehicle.    Students not picked up when all cars have left the car bay are brought to the office.

    Pickup for Walking Students

    Parents picking up students (1st through 8th) can retrieve them at the blue gate by car bay.   Kindergarten students will be picked up by older siblings in the cafeteria, or be released at the blue gate near car bay. Students not picked up will be brought to the school office.

    Picking up a Student Early

    Please come to the school office with valid ID.   The student will have to be signed out.   We do not normally release a student during the last 40 minutes of the school day as that is a time teachers are doing end-of-day activities, some classes are transitioning back to their homeroom, and some teachers are giving out homework instructions.

    Dropping off a Student Late

    Students dropped off late must come to the office for a tardy pass.   Mountain View does have a tardy policy, which will result in lunch detention if a student accumulates more than six tardies in a semester.