Uniform Requirements

  • The uniform, for all Mountain View students, shall consist of the following:


    The red Mountain View shirt is to be worn and may be purchased at M&J Trophies. Tops must be long enough so when arms are raised, no skin can be visible. In addition, no cleavage may be exposed. Jackets may not contain inappropriate symbols, pictures, or language. students in the Mountain View uniform


    Navy-blue or black bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts or skorts) without labels are to be worn and may be purchased at any store. Sweatpants and athletic pants are not permitted. Shorts, skorts and skirts must be long enough to meet the student’s fingertips when his or her hand is by his or her side. Bottoms must fit appropriately at the waist (not too tight or too loose) and should not have holes or rips.

    “Sagging” is not permitted. “Sagging” is defined as bottoms worn low enough where undergarments are visible, having to hold up the pants with at least one hand while walking, or “waddling” when walking to keep bottoms on or up. Belts of appropriate length must be solid black or brown with a solid/plain buckle. Jeans (no “skinny jeans”) may only be worn on Spirit Days (see below).

    Clothing cannot interfere with the normal learning process, create disorder or disrupt the educational process. Whether the condition exists shall be left to the reasonable discretion of the administration.


    Shoes must be closed toed and closed heel. Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, high heels are not permitted. Students are expected to wear properly tied athletic shoes for physical education.


    Students will remove large hoop earrings or other jewelry that may interfere or pose a safety issue with physical education activities. Hats, caps, and bandanas are not permitted on campus.

    Spirit Days

    Administration may allow a “free dress day” or “spirit day.” The District dress code will be followed on free dress days or spirit days. Administration may approve team attire for athletes, club members, performers, etc. on campus during their specific activity ONLY on the day given permission.

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